1 Price Plan featured in The Weirs Times

Mal Fuller, wrote a very nice piece on how our 1 Price Prescription Program worked for him, compared to the prescriptions he was receiving from Canada.

from his article:

“However, it is a new (tome) pharmacy that I’ve discovered in nearby Waltham, Massachusetts that has caused me to confide all of this personal stuff to my readers. On four prescription medications that I was buying from Canada, Johnson Drug in Waltham will save meover $200.00 annually when compared to the already low Canadian prices. Added to the four medications I was buying in Canada, another medication is now on my “buy list” since it has recently become unavailable to me as a physician’s sample. Johnson Drug is also able to save me money on that medication, even when compared to Canada.”

For the full article and The Weirs Times website.

A big thanks to Mal for the write up.

If you would like more information about the 1 Price Prescription Program please contact us through our website or call 781-893-3870.

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