2014…and a Better you! Part 2

In part one Katie discussed helpful hints about food, eating and lifestyle suggestions.  Now let’s address supplementation.
There are hundreds of great supplements on the market and thousands of poorly formulated ones.  A question to ask is “What does my body need?”
Whether we are healthy or out of balance, we should all be aware of the four pillars of health. 

  1. Multivitamin:  a well-formulated multiple vitamin.
    1. If you have a good diet, a once-a-day will be fine. If there are extenuating concerns, please contact me and I can help you choose a multiple vitamin that will better fill your needs.
  2. Probiotic:  Probiotics assist in digestion, elimination and help provide over 60% of our immune system response.  Look for a probiotic that has multiple strains and billions of organisms.
  3. Omega 3:  Our diets are low in Omega 3 and high in Omega 6.  We need Omega 3 to help with inflammation, cholesterol balancing, hair, skin and nail health, and Omega 3 is very helpful for our nervous system.  There are excellent Fish Oil-based and vegan-based products.
  4. Antioxidant mix: Our bodies use antioxidants to protect us from free radical damage on our skin and inside our bodies.   There are articles and promotional materials claiming each antioxidant is the best, strongest or most important.  We need some of all of them; they all work together. Having excessive amounts of one and lacking in others does not help our body.  Look for an antioxidant mix that has many of the antioxidants in one capsule.  We do not need mega doses, just some of each one.

Figuring out what supplements to take can be very confusing, and each of us has different health issues or concerns.  Please feel free to stop in or email us with your questions (gary@naturalcompounder.com).

We are here to assist you in finding the proper supplements to help you have a happy and healthy New Year.

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