Month: December 2014

Need a reason to eat Ginger?

I must admit, I do not eat enough ginger.  A co-worker, and good friend of mine, eats ginger every day at lunch.  She sometimes forces

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Do you have healthy legs?

According to the American College of Phlebology, more than 80 million Americans suffer from some form of venous disorder. If you have tired, aching, swollen

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Take care of your Pets!

During the holidays, Poinsettias are a popular Christmas plant.  The milky white sap found in poinsettias contains chemicals called diterpenoid euphorbol esters and saponin-like detergents.

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Spreading Holiday Cheer!?!?

Not feeling like your normal cheery self?  The holidays can be tough, especially if you seem so out of step with the world. Everyone else

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Massachusetts Conference for Women

Yesterday, Janelle Ogle and I attended the 10th Annual MA Conference for Women at the BCEC in Boston.  The Conference featured nationally recognized speakers who

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Black Friday Weekend Sales:


Friday, 11/27 – Online, Phone, Email & In Store
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Monday, 11/30 – Online, Phone, Email & In Store
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