Month: March 2015

Organic Food List

Organic Foods: What To Buy -Eating fresh produce is the best way to obtain the nutrients that support optimum health, but the pesticides used on

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Race Around Waltham

We had a great team from Johnson Compounding and Wellness at the Race Around Waltham JB Blastoff 5K.  The event raised money for The American

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Travel with Healthy legs

Now that the snow has melted(most of it) and the weather it warming up, vacation time is picking up!  And as you plan your travels,

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Waltham Mills Open Studios

Johnson Compounding and Wellness is proud to sponsor the Waltham Mills Open Studios.  Sponsorship helps with their annual event, as well as designing their new

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PQQ-the next nutrient superstar

Research is pointing to PQQ as the next nutrient superstar.  PQQ is found in plant foods (parsley, green peppers, tofu, kiwi and green tea).  Discovered

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Black Friday Weekend Sales:


Friday, 11/27 – Online, Phone, Email & In Store
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Sunday, 11/29 – Online ONLY
Monday, 11/30 – Online, Phone, Email & In Store
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*Some exclusions apply. Sale excludes prescriptions, consultation services and events