3 Secrets Behind Social Media Health Advice

Some of the most popular social media influencers regularly offer health advice to their followers.  They share gr

eat stories of personal success or even health transformation, thanks to a new product they have begun using.

The stories are compelling, and the products are alluring because of the influencers who share them.  But there are good reasons you should consult your healthcare professional before buying a new product promoted on social media.

Secret #1: Influencers aren’t the experts they appear to be

Most social media influencers are well-intentioned and often have compelling information about a new product and it’s benefits.  Informative data from someone you admire is a powerful combination, which is exactly what influencers sound like experts.  But the truth is they aren’t healcare professionals and rarely have formal training or education around the health products they promote.  So, they probably aren’t qualified to objectively evaluate products, much less give health advise to others.

Secret #2: They are being paid for what they say

Most health products promoted by influencers are backed by venture capitalists or private equity firms whose primary goal is to make money.  It’s a proven formula: they leverage huge marketing budgets to pay influencers to talk about their products on Instagram and TikTok.  That strategy attracts new customers like you (many of whom sign up for ongoing subscriptions), which generates more money for the sponsors.  In the best case, the products are high-quality but way more expensive than they should be.  In the worst case, they are poor products that only look good thanks to great marketing.

Secret #3: They don’t actually care about your health

Social media allows you to feel connected to well-known public figures.  It feels like you know them because they have given everone access to parts of their lives.  But that’s purely a one-way street; influencers often usually don’t care about you and certainly don’t know your health situation.  So even if they believe in the product they’re promoting (as opposed to only promoting it for money), they might be selling you a health product you don’t need or that could hurt you.

Your healthcare professional is a uniquely valuable resource: they are an expert who knows you, is committed to making you healthier, and only dispenses the high-quality products you need to achieve your health goals.  It’s hard work, but it’s worth it – because your health is at stake.

That’s something no social media influencer can do.

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