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Tamara Luck, LDN, RDN

Tamara Luck is an Integrative and Functional Dietitian that works to uncover imbalances that are driving unwanted symptoms. She dives into how nutrition, lifestyle and all the body’s systems are interconnected. Her deep understanding of the body and her clients allows her to educate and facilitate long lasting health changes with her clients. Tamara takes a natural approach, utilizing food, natural supplements as remedies, and customized support for lifestyle changes. Whether you are looking to resolve gastrointestinal issues, improve energy or enhance overall wellness, Tamara can work with you to create a personalized plan for you. No matter where you are in your health journey, or where you want to go, Tamara is motivated to help you feel vibrant!

Important Payment and Insurance information

We accept private pay and insurance options. 
For insurance information, please consider the following information prior to booking an appointment.
It is your responsibility as a prospective client to obtain your coverage prior to booking a nutrition consultation. 

This is to ensure that our time together is covered by your insurance plan. We ask that you obtain this information 1 week prior to your first appointment

Step 1 
We accept the following insurance plans: BCBS, Harvard Pilgrim, United Health Care with Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts Comercial plans, Tufts through Cigna, and Allways
Unfortunately, we do not accept Medicare or Medicaid plans. 
*There are rare exceptions to this. For example, if you have a BCBS Medicare REPLACEMENT plan. 
Step 2
You must verify your coverage by calling the member services number on the back of your card and asking the following questions:
1. Does my plan cover outpatient nutrition counseling? 
a. If yes, how many sessions are allowed?
b. Does my plan only cover visits that are “medically necessary” or preventative 
2. Do I have a deductible to meet first? 
If yes, how much?
3. Do I need a physician referral? 
Note, if you need a physician referral this must be done at least 1 week prior to our session. You will be asked to provide my NPI number and office information which is located at the bottom of this page. ALL HARVARD PILGRIM ( HMO & PPO) members require a physician order, which differs from a standard referral. Please contact me at for more information on this.
4. What is my co-pay amount for outpatient nutrition counseling?
When you book your appointment you’re assuming financial responsibility for any cost not covered by your insurance plan. Private pay options are also available. 

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