A new children's multivitamin that tastes good and helps with neurological, metabolic and digestive support

Parents have been asking for a vitamin to give their child that tastes good, once a day dosing, no artificial dyes or additives, and that will be helpful for children with digestive and/or behavioral issues.

Isotonix  Might-a-Mins® Spectrum Multivitamin is a pleasant tasting, easily absorbed multiple vitamin that helps promote normal levels of vitamins and minerals in children who need neurological, digestive or metabolic support.

This specially formulated vitamin:

·         Helps maintain the normal production of neurotransmitters

·         Promotes/supports a healthy nervous system

·         Helps maintain brain health

·         Promotes a healthy development of sensory and communication skills

·         Promotes strong antioxidant defense

·         Controls free radicals

·         Promotes normal tissue and cell growth

·         Provides nutrients essential for numerous processes in the body

·         Supports optimal immune function

·         Supports skeletal health and growth

·         Supports healthy teeth and gums

·         Supports growth and strength of teeth and bones

·         Supports cognitive health and development

·         Supports healthy vision and eyes

·         Supports a healthy heart

This specially formulated product was developed to taste great, and provide the above support.  The flavor was tested and accepted by children.

Click here for more information and ingredient list.

We are very excited to offer this revolutionary supplement for your child.  Please feel free to call Gary (781-893-3870 x5) to discuss how this product maybe beneficial to your child.

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