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I am very happy to report that, thanks to your support, this year’s Sprout Benefit was our most financially successful ever! We raised critical funds that will be used the year to support our non-profit operation, growing food for all community members and providing outdoor, hands-in-the-dirt educational experiences for children.

It is very rare to find people today that help purely out of the goodness of their hearts. I hope as you age down your path through life you stumble upon those similar to yourself. Thank you very much for taking time to respond with ideas for my wife’s ailments.

Just wanted to give my testimonial to the allergy mixture Johnson Compounding does for their “New England Allergy” spray. I’ve done all over the counter pills, which make me groggy and raise my blood pressure; I did allergy shots for 2 years. I would suffer asthma attacks regularly during dry winters and the seasonal allergy months, ending up in the Emergency Room. But, when I use the New England Allergy spray, I have no side effects and I feel fine. This Spring, I have had absolutely no allergy discomfort. IT WORKS!


Thank you so much for your patience and follow through. Johnson’s is tops – as usual!
Give my best to Gary.

I am writing to thank you for your contribution to the Waltham Family School 10th Birthday Fiesta. Your contribution of $100 helped us raise over $10,000 from the nights festivities. This money will go to the services we provide to keep our organization running. The Waltham Family School could not run without your support and contributions.
Thank you again for everything you do to help the Waltham community. We really appreciate your support. I hope you can join us next year.
Anne D

As the year draws to a close we want to extend our warmest thanks to you and the Johnson Compounding and Wellness Center for your sponsorship of Waltham Fields Community Farm this past year…
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT. We look forward to continuing the relationship in 2014!
Best Wishes,
Claire and Marla

Thanks to everyone at Johnson’s for always being so helpful to our office and going out of your way for our patients.

‘…Friday night was one of the most painful I can recall, multiple leg, ankle and foot cramps, general to all muscle groups. Saturday I rubbed Topricin as directed with little hope and more than a little trepidation at the night ahead. Not a single cramp. An entire night, cramp free. Last night another indication that Topricin is for real…again a cramp free night except towards 5 a.m. when leg cramping started. I think it’s an indication that the effect of Topricin was wearing off after five hours of sleep. I am grateful to have the last 2 nights that even if Topricin ultimately fails to work, I have two consecutive nights sleep under me belt…something that I can’t recall happening within the past 10 years!

I’m writing you this letter about two of your employees – the names are Helena and Yandira. I needed to have an ointment by the 25th and I spoke to Helena this morning and she spoke to Yandira, who offered to deliver the ointment to me home today. These two girls are a feather in your cap. If you have a month club they should be nominated their weight in gold. You should be proud of them. I’m 90 years old and no one has ever done what they did to me. Please show this letter to the girls, they deserve it from an old lady, who is still working as a sales girl. I know what it takes to please the public and I did it all my days.
Thank the girls again from me.

I just want to thank you, for existing first of all as a compounding pharmacy, and secondly for being so efficient in the midst of such otherwise difficult circumstances for so many patients like myself with autoimmune thyroid issues.
I am immensely grateful!

Thank you once again for the recommendation letter for my residency application process. I truly appreciate it and I cannot wait to start my program in July. Please extend my well wished to everyone at Johnson’s. If I ever end up working in a place with staff as great as yours, I will consider myself lucky!

Thanks again,


On behalf of Weight Watchers International, Inc. I would like to extend a thank you for the donation gift card from JCWC, for the raffle to our event in Newton. Our celebration was a huge success and thank you for your part in its success.



Thank you once again for having the Johnson Drug Staff at our Health Fair. It is great when the community and city can get together and make our city a healthy place to live. Your donation for the raffle was most generous and all enjoyed your testing of their bone density.

Thank you for participating in our Health Fair.

Thank you,


The regimen you prescribed seems to be working, so much in fact that I felt comfortable enough to return to working out and have been going to the gym for two weeks now. Minimal muscle cramps in my feet is all I have experienced but that is not atypical for me from before. It feels great to be working out again and I can already see an increase in my energy level.

Thank you,


Thank you so much for your generous donation. I had a lot of fun in Quebec. In one of our the tournaments we placed 2nd.
Thanks again,
Boston Junior Bruins

I just want to take a few minutes to thank Dr. Gary Kracoff and the staff at Johnson Wellness Center. Dr Gary had answered all my questions regarding allergies via email which made placing my order more comfortable. I ordered NE Allergy Mix spray and Allergy eye drops and let me tell you I have never felt better. I use it on a daily basis and it is working wonders. I also ordered for my daughter. I have passed your information over to many people and the NE Allergy Mix & Eye drops so I believe you will be getting a few more orders.
Thank you again for being there when my allergies were at the worst.
A new and happy customer,

Thank you for your service. I am grateful you are able to compound this medication. It is magic!!!

I want to express my thanks for helping me receive my prescription. I appreciate all of the calls you made to my insurance company and doctors office. You were always polite and took time to understand my full situation. Your work ethic and customer service skills are to be commended. Thank you for going the extra mile.

I don’t work in the area anymore, so I don’t get there, but I always thought your place was wonderful, beautiful, and the staff very helpful. Lovely being in there… Sigh..Take care

Hi Dr. Gary:
All your research paid off! I just wanted to tell you that I took the coffea cruda 30C (along with the histaminimum 30C because I was having a reaction to something I ate), and I felt better. So far so good and today, I don’t have any symptoms at all and I haven’t taken more of the coffea cruda.
I will keep you posted!
Many many thanks again! We’re definitely on the right track for sure!
All my best,

I just talked with Jay at your lab to place my order. He is always so excellent and pleasant to work with, as you are! Just wanted to send you my sincere wishes for your Good Health and Happiness in the New Year!!
I love your pharmacy and the wholesome relief that it provides to so many people.
Keep up the Good Work!!!

We want to thank all the members of Johnson Compounding and Wellness Center for generously supporting Women of Means with your donation. I am very grateful for your commitment to the work we do for these women and families. Thank you so much for your compassionate support!



During this time of Thanksgiving I want to thank you for the many times you offered advice that was so helpful for my health. Know that I appreciate your kindness in sharing your expert knowledge. You are most certainly in my prayers daily!



Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I was to have my convictions confirmed as I listened to your statement on WBZ Friday morning. In my judgement the media imposed a subliminal assault on your as a person and as a pharmacist by failing to specify the name of the compounding center in Waltham which was under suspicion.

While your radio ads combine your humor and super competence, I knew that you and your center would not be the villain. Your statement was excellent AND, as a listener, I wanted you to be aware of my reaction. Wishing you the best.


DN, Cambridge MA

Thank you so much for taking the time to film your video for the ACA, IACP and ACVP Educational Conference 2013. It’s been a fabulous addition to our website and newsletters. We greatly appreciate your support of our organizations and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Thanks again!

IACP Staff

Nice letter! I have been a customer @ Johnson’s for many years & never had an ounce of worry. I get both a compounded Rx & homeopathic products from you monthly & will continue to do so.

Will put out the intention that this mess will only shed light on your business in a positive way, by educating the public about compounding & that Johnsons will shine in contrast!


Sue Davis

We want to thank you for the 10th years of generously supporting Women of Means by allowing us to use your portable bone screening machine to test the women at the Annual Health Fair at Rosie’s Place on September 26, 2012. We have been educating the women at Rosie’s Place about the importance of bone health through diet, exercise and supplements. The bone density machine was very popular and indicates how much the women care their health and are motivated to be educated to make themselves healthier.

We are grateful for your dedication to seeing the community. Thank you.


Roseanna Means, MD

I started working with Gary a year ago after my adrenals collapsed, and I was experiencing extreme heart palpitations and zero energy. He was the only person who properly diagnosed and treated my symptoms. At six months I was back to what I thought were good energy levels, but now 6 months later, I am better than I was five years ago. I’m exercising daily and managing stress much better. Not only do I refer everyone with a problem to Gary, I have also found his staff to be outstanding and knowledgeable when I need help in other areas of health. This is the best place going for heatlh and wellness, can’t recommend highly enough. J.L.

Just wanted to say thank you to Steve in compounding. Steve, you went the extra mile for me today with my compounded eye drops. Your kindness and professionalism will not be forgotten. Your are appreciated…

All the best,


To whom it may concern:

I am 60 years old. I came to Gary after two years of convincing myself I could handle my lack of energy and heart palpitations on my own. I had grown progressively worse, to the point where I could not climb stairs without feeling like I was going to have a heart attack. My energy was at zero. I couldn’t keep up with the housecleaning or paperwork. I was barely able to keep working. Gary gave me two remedies to take. After a week, I noticed that I felt a little stronger. It was subtle, but Gary had warned me it had taken decades to wear me down and it would take time to recover. Each week brought more improvement. It has now been 8 weeks, and I now have energy that I haven’t felt in ten years. The house is clean, my paperwork is done, I’ve started some furniture refinishing projects that had been stalled for years. The palpitations are still occasionally present, but it seems they are decreasing with each passing week. My friends have noticed the change in the the way I look and act.

The best thing about Gary is, you feel better for having seen him and talked to him. It was hard initially to trust these two remedies would do the job, and I heavily relied on Gary’s assessment and reassurance while waiting for them to “kick in”. I am now referring everyone I know to him. I am so grateful.

Thank you Gary!


I would like to thank Jay and John and all your staff at the Lab for helping me with accommodating me in expediting my prescription for me.. I was having trouble finding the compounded gel and your lab came to my rescue more ways than one . I truly appreciate it and I was so pleased with all your help, it made my day and also just took a few days for you to ship it to me to my surprise…. I thank you all again.. A very happy customer…Sincerely Sandy M

I wanted to take the time to thank you again for hosting my co-op. I had a phenomenal experience in which I obtained a great wealth of knowledge and skills that will undoubtedly help me later in my career. Every staff member was extremely friendly and helpful. They made this an experience I most certainly will never forget. Thanks for the gifts (read: pizza and beers) and keeping me on part time. I look forward to watching and aiding in the growth of Johnson Compounding and Wellness Center.

I hope to see you around the days I work. If not then I’m always up for grabbing a beer or two.

Douglas B
PharmD Candidate 

Thank you so much for your presentation to our Neuropathy Support Group on Friday. We were all very interested in your information and products, and I have no doubt that you will be seeing some of our members ( as well as myself) at Johnson Compounding and Wellness Center in the near future.
Leslie S Co-leader

Thank you very much for the silent auction donation. We can’t wait for the auction on June 11th. we will give you our final number by the end of June.
Pat S

Thank you so much for supporting my ice hockey team. The entire Framingham ice hockey program greatly appreciates your donation. It was SO generous of you, thanks for your helping us raise money for our program.
Julie D