ADVISORY ON BIRD FLU – By Richard Moskowitz, M. D.

Level 3. Individualized Treatment of Advanced or Complicated Cases.For the remaining 25% of the cases who do not respond to the genus epidemicus, other equally beneficial medicines will be identifiable by a trained homeopathic physician, based on further individualization of the total symptom-picture, as above. Some of the more severe cases may require hospitalization and conventional treatment as well.Long experience with epidemics of smallpox, cholera, scarlet fever, typhus, and other such diseases at a time when antibiotics and vaccines were not yet available has shown this simple method to be highly effective both in treating the people who are already sick and in preventing the spread and reducing the intensity of the disease in others who are in its path.It is inexpensive and totally safe, involving the use of simple home remedies that are available to anyone without a prescription, freeing the physician to focus on the more advanced and complicated cases. As part of the overall public health strategy, it could be of great benefit when and where conventional vaccines and medications are not yet available.

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