Announcing the Extension of the Pharmax Finest Fish Oil Line

Many of you have been very satisfied with the taste and results of Pharmax Finest Pure Fish Oil and Frutol. It is amazing how well they work and how there is NO fish taste or smell. We are pleased to announce that there are new additions to the Pharmax Fatty Acid line. Finest Pure Fish Oil with Plant SterolsFish oils have a remarkable spectrum of beneficial cardiovascular effects, but the one major parameter they do not improve is the level or total, and also LDL cholesterol. Daily consumption of plant sterols have been found in numerous studies to consistently lower total and LDL cholesterol by between 5-20%. They do this by inhibiting the absorption of both dietary and endogenous derived cholesterol from the intestine.The evidence for the effects of plant sterols is so strong that the FDA allows the following full health claim to be used:” A daily intake of at least 1/3 grams of plant sterols esters in two meals may reduce the risk of heart disease, when part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol”.One teaspoonful taken twice daily with meals provides 1,300mg of plant sterol esters, 1,700mg EPA and 1250mg DHA.The potential benefits of this combination of concentrated fish oil and plant sterols are so potent that if everyone with an elevated risk of cardiovascular disease took Finest Pure Fish Oil with Plant Sterols…would there be any need for statins?Omega 3:6:9 with Plant SterolsOmega 3:6:9 is a delicious blend of cold pressed flaxseed oil, olive oil, evening primrose oil and sesame oil that provides a perfectly balanced oil for salad dressing and even for short duration cooking.Now with added plant sterols, Omega 3:6:9 with Plant Sterols is the perfect way of supplying this balanced intake of fatty acids, with a strong emphasis on omeoga-3 while lowering cholesterol at the same time. Each tablespoon provides 650mg plant sterol esters, 2,325 mg alpha-linolenic acid, 4,600mg oleic acid, 1,900mg linoleic acid and 81mg gamma-linolenic acid.High DHA Finest Pure Fish OilIn the area of brain development in the fetus and neonate, and the implications this has on the fatty acid status of the mother, the evidence clearly demonstrates that it is desirable to provide a balance of fatty acids strongly biased towards DHA.Studies show that a minimum daily intake of 1,100mg of DHA and an optimum of 2,400mg per day is required during the first and second trimesters, and a minimum of 2,400 and optimum of 3,600mg of DHA in the third trimester of pregnancy. Similarly, during the breast feeding period, a minimum daily intake of DHA of 1,100mg is necessary to ensure the optimal DHA deposition into the brain and neural tissues of the baby.High DHA Finest Pure Fish Oil is appropriate for anyone wishing to specifically increase their intake of DHA. Depending on the individual, better results from high DHA intake may occur in depressive disorder and cognitive function improvement in children.Each teaspoonful of High DHA Finest Pure Fish Oil provides 1,200mg DHA and 260mg EPA.High DHA Berry FrutolHigh DHA Berry Frutol was developed for people who prefer taking fish oil in the “smoothie” form. It may be particularly beneficial in the improvement of cognitive function in children and in depressive disorders in adults. For children in particular, the delicious taste of High DHA Berry Frutiol may improve compliance over long periods compared with the High DHA Finest Pure Fish Oil. Each teaspoonful provides 300mg DHA, 148mg EPA and the equivalent level of anthocyanin antioxidants(15mg) to a 1/8th cup of fresh berries!Stop in for a free taste of any of the Pharmax Oils. A taste is all it takes to prove how delicious fish oil can taste!Buy 3 bottles of Pharmax Finest Pure Fish Oils or Frutols and save 20% every day

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