Anti-Aging Lecture Recap

We had a phenomenal turnout last night at the Anti-Aging lecture.  Over 40 people attended to hear Irina Serebryakova, Nurse Practitioner from Groton Wellness, review the many aspects of hormonal restoration and anti-aging therapies.  Great crowd at JCW lecture
Irina spoke about how hormones are the most powerful molecules in the body and the fact that so many people are affected by hormonal decline due to aging.  She reviewed the differences between conventional hormone substitution therapy versus compounded bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.
In Summary there were a list of recommendations for men and women to ensure healthy aging and balance: optimize hormones

  • balanced nutrition
  • antioxidants
  • healthy GI
  • ongoing detoxifications
  • physical activity
  • restful sleep
  • anti-stress techniques

Irina at JCW
There were many great questions during the Q&A and session and our customers had such positive things to say about what they learned.  We would like to Thank Irina for her time and expertise.  It is extremely beneficial when providers and our pharmacists partner to educate our wonderful customers!

Thank you to all who attended!  We look forward to seeing you at the next lecture.  Click Here to register for Dr. Tom Shea’s lecture on April 23rd discussing How Nutrition can and will help you Maintain your Memory.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Aging Lecture Recap”

  1. Please contact me as I need something to help. I have lost 2 jobs recently & although it may have been not due to poor job performance per sae I feel Perimenopause has made me feel worse. I am having a difficult time finding employment. I took a pms herbal supplement from Johnson’s compounding 2012 & 2013 and it helped me feel more emotionally balanced. None since running out I have progressively felt off with unpredictable periods to gauge when I may be hormonal. Low fs h April 2015. I experienced pregancy symptoms which prompted testing. I have gained 12lbs which is a lot for my 5ft3in petite stature. I went from barely 34b to busting out of 34c bras. My tops are mostly too tight. I still experience breast soreness but then no period. My hair is falling out , I have to tweeze facil hair daily, & my libido is so low I do not even masturabate! Its not fair! My husband & finally got married after 16yrs & now this! I was hoping for at least 10 more years before I hit menopause.this is awful making me tired, down and defeated. Feelings not accustomed to me.

    1. Hello Wendy,
      I think we need to sit down and figure out where your imbalances are and what can be done to help you get back in balance. Please feel free to call 781-893-3870 and we can set up a time. Sorry you are not feeling well.

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