Atlantic Mold Mix by Natural Creations

We are now in the middle of winter, and many people are suffering with an increase in their allergy symptoms.  How can this be since there is nothing growing, pollen levels are low, and we are staying indoors?Our houses are tighter, sealed better than ever before, and this can lead to a build up of molds.  Many basements have a moldy smell, and during the winter, the mold levels in the basements, bathrooms and kitchen can be higher than during the summer.  Atlantic Mold Mix is a homeopathic blend that helps the body deal with the molds that are found in New England.  Many of you have used our New England Allergy Mix for the summer pollens and have had great sucess with that product.  This is a new addition to our Natural Creations product line, and is very effective for those suffering from the effects of molds.Place 10 drops under your tongue 1-3 times a day until you feel better.  If symptoms are very bothersome, you may add 5 pellets of histaminum 30C to decrease the sneezing, runny nose and eyes and itching.Atlantic Mold Mix now in stock is only $18.95.

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