AutoImmune Lecture

Don’t worry if you missed our awesome lecture, presented by Funcational NP Lisa Vasille, on autoimmune disease last week because we have your back. We recorded her awesome presentation and are more than happy to share that with all of you.:
CLICK HERE to view the entire lecture(about 75 minutes)!
We would like to thank Lisa for doing an amazing job, it was one of our most successful lectures here at JCW.  Our conference room was packed and we heard so many positive things following Lisa’s lecture.  She did a great job educating the group on her personal experiences and offering solutions to help someone that might be struggling with a variety of autoimmune/health issues.  She did so in a way that customers could relate to and her great sense of humor to keep it fun and light!
Lisa Vasille, Functional NP
Lisa recapped the lecture and added some of her own thoughts(and a recent blog) after the fact: “Johnson’s has been an intricate part of our care for years through their wonderful supplements to their compounding and for us practitioners, the ability to speak to the pharmacists on the patients’ behalf.  This makes for a great team 4 Better Health.  Of course they help us out with bio-identical hormones, thyroid medications (compounded and Rx), etc but one of our favorite supplements we use for our AutoImmune patients is LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone).  Here is a blog I wrote on LDN “.
We appreciate her time and expertise.  If  you have any additional questions regarding the lecture or Lisa’s Functional Medicine practice, please email Katie – or 781-893-3870.
Thanks to all who attended and we look forward to continuing to work with Lisa and her team, and all of our loyal customers in the future.
Please check our website, facebook and twitter for upcoming lectures.

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