Back to School

Summer is almost over and that means the kids are heading back to school…if they haven’t already gone back!  There are many things to consider as the children venture back into the classrooms.  Here are some tips that might help you and your family adjust to the back to school grind:

Establish a routine early 
Prepare your child for a successful start back to school by getting them back on routines a week or two before school(or even a few days). Make sure your child develops adequate sleep patterns now.
Incorporate some scheduling into the day (for example, regular quiet reading times) to start easing them back into a more regimented schedule.
Don’t stress, parents
Parents have their own set of worries. Talking to other parents can be helpful, as can getting as much information as you can. Review your child’s schedule. Set up a time to meet your child’s teacher or school principal and figure out a way to communicate that works well for both of you.
Be Aware of Allergens
The end of summer brings the beginning of allergy season for ragweed and dust, mold and other allergens are often found in school buildings. These allergens can result in runny noses, sneezing, coughing and even asthma attacks and sinus infections.
Students with food allergies also need to be aware when eating in the school cafeteria. Talk to the school nurse early in the school year to discuss any concerns or specific needs.
Focus on Good Nutrition
Healthy meals are important to help increase alertness and install future healthy eating habits. A nutritious and complete breakfast will send your child off to school on the right track!
Good nutrition and enough rest will keep their immune system strong and allow them to more easily fight off sicknesses throughout the year.


Everyone as JCW wishes you and your children a very successful and happy school year!

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