BLOCKADE with ViraBLOC- 100% Herbal Virus Blocker

BLOCKADE with ViraBLOC(elderberry extract) by NEWCHAPTER is the first all-herbal, natural therapeutic that acts to block viruses from entering human cells therefore preventing them from replicating.BlockadeA virus is much smaller than a human cell, but despite its small size can be very powerful, especially when allowed to replicate. When a virus gets into the nose, lungs, or mouth it targets particular cells in the body and attaches to them in very specific ways. Once inside the cell, the virus multiplies rapidly to make copies of itself. These newly copied viruses escape the cell and enter the bloodstream to find even more cells to attach to.The bioactives in Blocakade seek out viruses, bind to them, and create a coating around them. This coating is like a fence around the virus that blocks its ability to attach to and enter cells.In-vitro laboratory studies of the patent-pending extract have demonstrated up to a 100% sucess rate in inhibiting the entry of enveloped viruses (like influenza).Suggested use: to help maintain healthy immune system cells and protect against enveloped viruses take 1 lozenge daily or 2 daily for enhanced defense.Stock up for winter!Blockade with ViraBlock7’s reg $11.95 SALE PRICE only $8.9614’s reg $20.95 SALE PRICE only $15.7130’s reg $39.95 SALE PRICE only $29.96While other commercially available natural products contain fewer than 150 components, Blockade contains over 1,000 natural chemistries and key bioactives in each dose.Because Blockade is a fast dissolving, great tasting, all natural lozenge that you hold under your tongue, it enters and starts working in your bloodstream in minutes, not hours…unlike anti-virals whose primary delivery mechanism has to work through the GI tract.Blockade can be helpful with the following viruses (enveloped viruses):

  • Influenza (flu)
  • Herpes infections(oral, genital, shingles, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein Barr, Chicken Pox
  • West Nile
  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Rubella

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