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Looking to make some improvements in your daily health and wellness routine?!?!   You are in luck….you can book a consultation with one our our amazing wellness professionals.  Our practitioners, Dr. Gary Kracoff RPh, NMD and Bridgitte Carroll MS, RDN, LDN our Functional Dietitian/Nutritionist use integrative and functional methods to find root causes of diseases.
Gary’s Specialties include:

  • Managing inflammatory conditions
  • Alleviating allergies
  • Balancing hormones
  • Interpreting genetic testing results
  • Homeopathy treatments
  • Lifestyle and stress recommendations
  • Disease prevention

Bridgitte’s Specialties include:

  • Using food as medicine
  • Healing gastrointestinal issues: IBS,
    SIBO, candida, dysbiosis, heartburn
    and more
  • Controlling autoimmune conditions
  • Balancing hormones
  • Stress management

Functional Lab Testing they offer to help customize your Wellness Session:
Gut Health Testing – to identify gastrointestinal microbial profile, digestive function and more
Genetic Testing – to identify inherited genes affecting health and how to support them
Micronutrient Testing – to asses for nutrient deficiencies
Hormone Testing – to understand thyroid, sex and adrenal hormone imbalances

Click here to book a consult with Gary

Click here to book a consult with Bridgitte


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