Candidase and Probiotics to the Rescue

candidaseCandida albicans is a yeast-like fungus that normally lives in healthy balance in the body.  It is found mostly in the intestines, genital tract, mouth and throat.  When the balance is upset, overgrowth results.  This occurs mostly with the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics that destroy the healthy micro-flora and a weakened immune system from long-standing illness, stress, lack of sleep, smoking and alcohol.  Another key contributor is poor nutrition from either a diet low in fiber and whole foods and high in processed carbohydrates and refined sugar or a lack of assimilation of nutrients due to improper digestion.  Sugars and refined carbohydrates are the food of choice for candida, allowing it to proliferate.  The result of all this chaos is the transformation of healthy, pro-biotic rich, nutrients absorbing colon to a tube of encrusted fecal matter and mucus, teeming with Candida.  The condition of such a colon inhibits proper assimilation, encourages overgrowth of yeast and infection, and can lead to a plethora of other problems and symptoms.Candidiasis may travel to all parts of the body through the bloodstream.  It affects both women and men.  In the mouth, it is called thrush; in the vagina, it is called vaginitis (yeast infection).In the past, the only hope for someone with Candida was to go on strict, eliminating diets and to take large amounts of very powerful antifungals.  While sometimes effective, the process could be uncomfortable and create a lot of die-off in the body.  The die-off reaction occurs when the yeast cell is destroyed, allowing the 70+ known toxins in the cell to circulate throughout the body.  Die-off is likened to feeling as if you had the flu and is quite uncomfortable.Enzymedica has formulated a product which is easy to adhere to and has brought many people success and renewed health.  Candidase works by using the enzyme cellulase in breaking down the outer layer of the single celled candida organism.  This layer is called chitin and is a polysaccharides similar to fiber.  The cellulase enzymes in the product digest this outer layer, and in turn the cell dies.  When the dead cell releases its toxins, the protease enzymes in the product break them down.  In this manner, no die-off reaction occurs because the toxins are not allowed to circulate throughout the body.  In addition, any build-up of fiber in the colon is broken-down and eliminated.  Fiber can protect the yeast like a tent and create gas and bloating.  Most people do best when they use Candidase for two weeks, while some may need to remain on a maintenance dose after the two weeks to prevent flair-ups.Make sure you take a high potency probiotic every day.  This helps your immune system and helps prevent opportunistic organisms from growing in the GI tract.Buy now

30 thoughts on “Candidase and Probiotics to the Rescue”

  1. I have been taking Candidase for about five days now, and I am still having bad diarrhea. I am only taking 3 pills per day (the usual dose is 6) because I am very sensitive to certain things and I wanted to test my tolerance. Is it common to have diarrhea while taking Candidase? How do I know if this is working for me?

    1. Hi Pam,
      I assume you did not have the diarrhea before starting on Candidase? If this is true, cut the dose down to one a day and the stool should normalize. Then you can slowly increase the dose. Many times, the body can not remove all the metabolic byproducts produced when candida dies. This then leads to loose stools. By decreasing the dose, you let the body catch up. Let me know how you do with the lower dose. Gary

  2. My three year old is using candidase and seems to be having a die off reaction extremely sensory at only one capsule a night does this mean it’s not working for him

    1. Gary Kracoff

      Hello Adriana,
      Die off means that the candida is being killed. If the die off is extreme, the candida is being killed too fast. That dose is probably too high for your 3 year old. Contact your practitioner for suggestions of another way to help with the candida. Probiotics and s. boulardii are very helpful also.

  3. I have been taking Enzymedica Candidase for five days and have been constipated since I started taking the pills. I am taking 2 pills 1 hour before each meal (3 meals a day) and taking 2 table spoons of probiotic after the meal. Is the constipation normal when taking Candidase?

    1. Gary Kracoff

      When the candida die off, it can lead to GI irritation and sometimes constipation. Try cutting the dose in half for a few days. When a more normal bowel function occurs, slowly increase the dose.

  4. I have been battling with reccurent yeast infections (vaginal). I’m a little cleared up now but still have some symptoms. I started taking probiotics 4 days ago but I want to try this “Candidase”. Will this help my situation?

    1. Hello Jasmin, Make sure you are taking a multi strain, live culture probiotic that contains 12-14 different organisms. Also adding s. Boulardii one capsule two times a day is very helpful. Candidase or Candida Control by Enzymedica are great products and can be very helpful. The Candida Control is a more comprehensive formulation. Also try to eliminate white flour, white sugar and fermented foods. These feed candida.
      Feel free to contact me with any questions.

      1. Hi there quick question. Can you take probiotics including s.boulardii at the same time as candidate? I don’t want to waste either? Thank you for your knowledge

        1. Hi Belinda – here is the response from Dr. Gary: I would take the probiotics and s boulardi about an hour or two away from candidate, better absorption. If not doable, can be taken at the same time.
          Thanks for your question!

  5. I believe I had a candida overgrowth after taking a course of antibiotics for the first time in my life. After taking the last dose of antibiotic 6 weeks ago my stools went from normal to loose/liquid and only occurring in the morning. I had stool samples come back negative for things like parasites and c difficile. I can hear my food bubbling all day and night. When I eliminate in the morning, it is loose and has a “bread” smell. My energy has also gone down the drain and I experience moderate to severe stomach discomfort. My doc told me I am dealing with “post infectious IBS” but I can’t believe that it is a coincidence that my stools and stomach went out of whack after 1 pill. I believe that the anti-biotic allowed my candida to overtake my GI system. I have taken many high quality probiotics in the past month to no avail (including S.bouldardii).
    I just picked up Candidase but saw the “should not be taken with any times release medications that use cellulose as its time-release mechanism”. My pro-biotic is Life Extension’s Florassist with phage technology. It has a “dual-encapsulation” delivery system to safely bypasses the harsh environs of your stomach. I’m sure the dual capsule is made of cellulose. Does this mean I can’t take it at all while doing Candidase?

    1. Hello Samantha,
      If you take the time-release probiotic with the Candidase, it will change the release of the probiotic. One solution would be that during the time you are taking Candidase, change to a different probiotic that is not time released. There are many well formulated probiotics which contain the live bacteria and contain multiple strains. If you would like a few suggestions, please feel free to contact me at the wellness center 781-893-3870 x3.
      I hope you feel better,

  6. Is it safe to take candidase while nursing? My daughter is 18 months are we do breastfeed 2 – 3 times a day however she is consuming the majority of her nutrients from her own food.
    I understand having a die off may be harmful so may starting with a mild dose ?
    Thank you!!

    1. Hello Magda,
      I would not recommend taking it during breastfeeding. When candida dies, there is a lot of metabolic waste, and you don’t want that or the ingredients in Candidase getting into the breast milk. Taking a good multistrain prbiotic with live cultures and s. boulardii could be beneficial at this time.
      Feel free to contact me at 781-893-3870 if you have questions.

  7. do you confirm the preservation method for enzymedica candidase extra strengh because bacillus subtilis present for that reason refrigeration required or not during storage and uses time

    1. The bacillus subtilis is used to help with the GI issues, not to preserve the product. It is not necessary to have that organism refrigerated, it is shelf stable. Hope this helps.

  8. I have been taking the candidase for 5 days 2pills 3x/day. I am experiencing morning release, which actually makes me feel as though it is working. However, I am experiencing extreme fatigue. I cannot wake up in the morning and can barely function. Is this normal? I have noticed that my other symptoms of overgrowth have lessened. Thank you for this product. My plan is to continue on the 14 day plan, but I wanted to know if the fatigue is due to the die off and normal.

    1. Yes fatigue is due to the die off. Make sure you are sipping plenty of water each day. Also if needed, decrease the dose slightly for a day or two and let the body catch up then put it back in. Hope you feel better real soon.

  9. I have a vaginal yeast infection and put cococnut oil and tea tree oil suppository in how many times should I do this ?

    1. Thanks for your question. Please feel free to give the pharmacy a call and one of our pharmacists can better assist you. #781-893-3870.

  10. Maria Rodriguez

    Hi so I’ve been battling with a vaginal yeast infection for a couple months now I hurt my ankle and was put on strong steroids for swelling and then anti inflammatory meds I went to have my annual women’s check up my cultures came back normal except I had bacterial v. No yeast I took the metronidazole for it then I was still irritated and even worse so I went back the bacteria is gone now I have yeast now I notice my fiancée is experiencing the same symptoms I was having itching and irritation, this was after the fact I was already treated so I went back to my gyno she told me to continue the metronizole and take flucanzole as well till my results came back now the results came back she said stop the metro just take flucazole so I did . Now almost 2 weeks later I got a bad sinus infection my dr gave me a steroid shot and antibiotic shot and put me on amoxicillin 3 times a day. Boom there it goes again I’m irritated all this time I notice my fiancée itch from time to time with thinking anything of it . So I go back the dr said give your fiancée alittle cream to help him and I took flucanzole again. Now within this time period I was still dealing with a hurt ankle and I got a steroid injection in my ankle . Now I’m still irritated down there. But come to find out my fiancée never used the cream and just let it be. I’m still having a hard time getting rid of my Vaginal yeast infection and I’m at my wits end . I finally forced my fiancée to take flucanzole and use the cream and he’s doing fine now but my understanding was the dr explained that sometimes you’ll get better and your partner will pass the yeast back to you. I went out and bought this medication I’m going to do the 14 day does this help kill off the excess yeast and also I’m using suppositories at the moment .. is there anything else I can do ? I also went and bought strong probiotics PLEASE HELP.

    1. Hello Maria, feel free to give me a call at 781-893-3870. It will be easier to discuss this over the phone. Gary

    1. Hello Daniel, stopping should not be an issue. If these symptoms are still there, it is probably something else going on in addition to the original candida issue. You state that your are not experiencing all the symptoms listed. Did you mean you have them back? If that is the case, than yeast is probably still and issue. You may want to take the GI-map test by diagnosticsolutions. This is a simple stool test that check the whole gut. Good bacteria, opportunistic organisms, quality of digestion, parasites, inflammation in the gut etc. With these results, you can then target what needs to be done. On Diagnostic Solutions website they have a lot of info about what this test tests for.
      Feel free to contact me if you have questions. I hope you feel better.

  11. Hello,

    I have been taking candidase for nearly a week now, and I have 2 questions.

    #1 I have noticed my anxiety has hiked, I have just had quite a few things go on around me that isn’t direct, but still traumatic to watch and hear. I am normally fine regarding anxiety, but for some reason, I am feeling anxiety… Could the tablets be related?
    #2 I am trying to lower sugar my sugar intake, but occasionally I have a bit of a slip up… Does this effect of the results course of the tablets?
    I Look forward to your response.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Ella,

      Candidase takes a while to work with your body to help with candida. Candida itself can cause sugar cravings. Sugar causes candida to multiply and that makes things worse. Stress can also cause sugar cravings.

      Candidase is probably not the issue, the sugar and stress/anxiety are probably feeding into the problem.

      You need to make sure your gut/bowel is working well and in balance. I hope the stress has lowered.

      If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

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