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It is no question that the rate of obesity has been skyrocketing over the years, specifically since the pandemic. According to the NIH, the prevalence of obesity before the pandemic was 11% to15% for men and women. After the pandemic, rates climbed to 25.3% to 42.4% for men and women making this a very prevalent issue for Americans.

Many have turned to intense weight loss programs, or the use of medications such as GLP-1 Agonists as an attempt to combat this growing concern. While the use of such medications has become a promising way to shed weight quickly and successfully, patients have been finding themselves somewhat dependent on the medications to prevent weight gain, or when coming off they experience weight rebound.

However, weight rebound does not always just effect those on weight loss/management medications, it can effect those that endure exercise and dietary programs, making this a much broader issue. More specifically, data has shown that most people who lose a larger amount of weight relatively quickly (regardless of method) tend to gain it back within the 2-3 years after. This seems quite unfair! Why does this happen?! Well, this is due to a phenomenon referred to as the “Energy Gap”. This term was coined to explain the physiological changes that occur within the body during and after weight loss.

Adipose (fat) tissue is the body’s primary energy reservoir (glycogen in the liver and muscle are short-term energy storage). The body never wants to lose its reservoir as it is meant to be there in case of food scarcity (aka starvation). When weight loss occurs, the hypothalamus in the brain slows down the basal metabolic rate (aka metabolism) and increases ghrelin, our primary hunger hormone.

Numbers-wise it is estimated that for EACH kilogram (2.2lb) lost metabolism slows down 20-30 Calories per day, while appetite increases 100 Calories per day. With this explanation, it starts to make sense as to why we tend to regain weight after it is lost. So… how can we fix this?  Well, one can implement dietary change, specifically increased protein intake and decreased carbohydrates. One can also increase their total exercise time to about 200+ minutes per week, frequently check in with their doctor or dietician, decrease screentime, improve portion control, and more.

Nutrients | Free Full-Text | Attenuating the Biologic Drive for Weight Regain Following Weight Loss: Must What Goes Down Always Go Back Up?


This all sounds a bit… difficult! Especially if those weight management drugs helped a patient get to their goal weight without much change to their lifestyle. This is where nutritional supplements may come in and offer support for patients who need help in making lifestyle changes, but do want to either come off of or avoid the weight management medications altogether.

Last year, Ortho Molecular released a supplement called Phenolic Pro which can support that type of patient: the one struggling on their weight loss journey looking for support for long term success.

Not only has it become a staple in many clinics across the country, it was also one of OrthoMolecular’s most popular product releases in company history.

What is Phenolic Pro?! It is a potent formula for those seeking to optimize their metabolism and cardiometabolic health. This blend was specifically formulated as a dual action approach to weight management, by supporting GLP-1 for appetite/craving control, as well as AMPK to improve metabolic rate and fat metabolism. This formula includes Green Coffee Bean Extract (caffeine-free), Magnesium, and a raw material called Metabolaid® (made up of Hibiscus & Lemon Verbena Extracts) that has been featured in 7 clinical trials showing its support for weight management, satiety and appetite control, and healthy blood pressure.

How does this loop into what is mentioned above? Again, per kilogram lost, we can see a metabolic DROP of about 20-30 calories per day, and an appetite INCREASE of about 100 calories per day. Phenolic Pro supports AMPK which is a key metabolic driver, and its key ingredient (Metabolaid) has been shown to improve GLP-1 and lower Ghrelin significantly, making it something that can support appetite as well.

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With Ortho Molecular’s reliable supplement Phenolic Pro, you can continue your weight loss quest and achieve long-term success. Make the first move toward a healthy you right now by contacting our expert team at 781-893-3870. Begin your change and adopt a vibrant, well-being-focused lifestyle.

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