Complete Bone Health Support

The most common form of calcium supplement today is calcium carbonate, also known as limestone. You don’t eat rocks as part of your balanced diet, so why would you choose to supplement your bone health nutritional needs with limestone?Evidence suggests that calcium from whole food sources may produce more favorable effects in bone health than isolated calcium supplements. Similar to most nutrients, the body can utilize calcium effectively when it is paired with its natural co-facotrs such as magnesium and other trace minerals.This makes the plant-source calcium in Bone Strength Take Care 75% absorbable, even more accessible than the calcium in daily yogurt – which is 43% absorbable.Our bodies understand and seek whole food sources of nutrition. That’s why New Chapter formulated this product with a whole-food plant source of this important nutrient complex. As whole food, it is easy on the digestive system.The exclusive whole-food complex calcium in Bone Strength Take Care is derived from a special plant called algas calcareas; harvested from a protected coastline in South America. Much like a garden vegetable, this plant is harvested live and cold pressed to retain its full nutritional value.In addition to the whole-food source of calcium, we have also added other bone-nourishing nutrients to complete the food complex in Bone Strength Take Care.Magesium functions alongside calcium to give bones their physical structure. Vitamin K is an essential co-factor in calcium absorption and retention. Human cell proteins that don’t get enough Vitamin K can’t hold onto calcium, causing this critical nutrient to drift away from the bone. Vitamin K2, sourced from fermented whole food, gently redirects “lost” calcium back into the bone bank.Vitamin D3 completes the comples, which has been found to aid in bone support and function in several studies.Dosage is 1 tablet 3 times a day. Tablets are small, easy to swallow.Money back guarantee! Bone Strength take care 120’s reg $59.95 sale price 44.95 60’s reg $34.95 sale price $26.12buy me

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