What is Compounding?

We began in business in 1852, but our approach to healthcare is thoroughly contemporary. We believe treating the whole person is fundamental to health and healing.

At Johnson Compounding & Wellness, we treat you.

Rather than dispense mass-produced drugs, we custom compound medications for you in exact dosages that your doctor prescribes.

The art and science of compounding dates back to the beginning of pharmacy and was the standard for providing prescription medications prior to the emergence of pharmaceutical manufacturers. Patients and health care professionals now realize that mass-produced, commercially available medications do not always meet their needs.

Our specially trained pharmacists and technicians prepare custom medications to meet our patients’ specific needs through the combination of the latest medical knowledge and state-of-the art technology. We can prepare medications free of problem-causing ingredients such as sugar, lactose, dyes, alcohol, gluten or preservatives. We also can prepare medications that are not commercially available as well as combine multiple medications into a single dosage form which improves adherence by patients.

At Johnson Compounding & Wellness, we’re focused on treating you.