Clinical Trials

Planning A Clinical Trial? Get Started Today!

Johnson Compounding & Wellness has experience in the preparation of compounded medications for the purpose of clinical trials. We have worked with Pharma, Universities, Hospitals, Medical centers and healthcare providers to produce study medications.

What types of study medications have we provided?

JCW has prepared compounded medication in various forms, including capsules, sterile injections, sterile preservative-free eye drops, nasal sprays, transdermal creams, suppositories & much more. We can work with you in addressing your unique needs in these vital research study situations.

What clinical trial services do we offer?

JCW can prepare custom compounded medications in active or placebo dosage forms for patient specific needs

Massachusetts Controlled Substance Registrations (MCSR):
We have worked with other study participants in gaining the required MCSR certificate required to compound study medications in Massachusetts.

Pharmacy Compounding Board Accreditation (PCAB):

Johnson Compounding & Wellness was the first sterile and non-sterile PCAB accredited pharmacy in Massachusetts. We have maintained this accreditation since 2007.

Johnson Compounding and Wellness utilizes:

  • Highest quality ingredients 
  • Advanced equipment
  • Cutting-edge devices 
  • Vastly trained sterile and non-sterile compounders

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