Ophthalmic Compounding

Opthamology ServicesJohnson Compounding & Wellness is a full-service compounding pharmacy dedicated to meeting the
unique needs of ophthalmology providers and patients. Ophthalmic prescriptions are compounded in
our sterile lab in order to be administered to the delicate eye are. We are an experienced
ophthalmology compounding pharmacy that provides the highest quality sterile preparations. In our
sterile clean room, we prepare our medications in the appropriate dosage, format and concentration.

Our Sterile Ophthalmic Preparations Include:

*Serum Tears
*Dry Eye Drops
*Antibiotic Eye Drops
* Fortified Eye Drops
*Atropine Eye Drops
*Preservative Free Eye Drops
*Steroid Eye Drops
*Allergy Eye Drops
*Anti-fungal Eye Drops
& Much More…

Autologous Serum Eye Drops

Numerous patients come to Johnson Compounding & Wellness to have their Autologous Serum eye
drops compounded. Serum eye drops are specially compounded for the patient as prescribed by the healthcare practitioner.

They are made from blood (autologous). The blood has been separated into its serum (fluid) and cellular
(red and white blood cells) components. The liquid serum contains many nutrients and regenerative
factors that are used by the cells throughout the body to keep them healthy.

Under sterile conditions, the cellular component of the separated blood is discarded and the serum
portion used for the preparation of the eye drops. This serum has been diluted with sterile saline and
bottled to provide sterile autologous serum eye drops.

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