Pediatric Compounding

Pediatric CompoundingDid you know that many medications are not available in children-friendly dosage forms? The most
common factors that influence medication compliance among children include appearance and taste. At
Johnson Compounding & Wellness we work with your child’s healthcare provide to formulate
medications palatable for your child.

Pediatric Allergen & Dietary Specialists

We have worked extensively to ensure allergy and dietary considerations are accommodated when
providing unique dosage forms for your child. It is our goal to take the struggle out of giving your child
their medication. Our staff will work with you to come up with options to customize medications to your
child’s unique needs.

Custom Pediatric Compounding Solutions

Many medications not available commercially in liquid form can be compounded into solutions or
suspensions. In addition, we compound medications into suppositories, tablet triturate, gummies,
creams, troches and much more. Our oral suspensions and solutions can be flavored to help with the
medication administration in children.

Trust The Wellness Experts

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