Detoxify your body while you sleep!

The Origional Detox Patch was formulated according to the ancient Chinese tradition of foot reflexology. Foot reflexology refers to the theory that the different areas on the soles of the feet are “connected”to glands, organs and other parts of the body. Stimulating nerve endings in the feet helps improve circulation and energy flow to affected parts of the body. This is assisted by clearing up toxin build-up and improving elimination of waste. The soles of the feel are an optimal place for effective use of the patches. It is recommended that you apply the patches overnight (7-10 hours). When you wake up in the morning, you will see how well the patches have drawn out the toxins.It is strongly recommended for anyone who eats fast foods, refined foods, carry extra weight, regularly eat sweets, consume caffeinated products or drink alcohol. It is also important to detox if you smoke or take drugs to rid your body of the build up of heavy metals and unhealthy toxins that block your ability to absorb the healthy nutrients your body needs.Customers notice their sleep patterns improve and they sleep  more soundly after just a few days of usage. Uncomfortable symptoms from pre-existing conditions often lessen. Based on the amount of toxins in your body, some may need to use these detox patches for just a few days, some a little longer. With each nightly use of these patches, you remove more and more toxins from your body. Each morning when you remove the patches, you should see improvement of toxin loss as color on the patches fades.As with any detox program, you may at first experience a very mild headache, although normally it is no common. this side effect will quickly subside as detox continues. Make sure you sip plenty of water during the day to aid in detoxification and to minimize the headache.The Origional DETOX PATCH 10’s $39.95Stop in, call or order online

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