Disappointing news about multivitamins?

A recent study was released about the effectiveness of multivitamins and their ability to protect aging men’s brains or help heart attack survivors.  The headlines are very deceiving. Multivitamins should be used to fill in minor deficiencies in our diets.  Our eating habits vary daily and the quality of the food and the nutritional composition is not always what Mother Nature intended.  Multivitamins are not designed, nor do they claim to prevent or cure disease.
The latest studies tested whether taking a multivitamin can prevent aging of the brain or prevent a secondary heart attack in people who have had a heart attack.  This would be an unrealistic expectation.  If this was true, those of us who ate a well-balanced diet would not have heart attacks or get Alzheimer’s.  Our health is very complicated, and there are many things that need to be taken into consideration.  Lifestyle over the years, exposure to toxicity, stress, emotions all play a part in either the health of our bodies or in the breakdown and eventual disease of the body.  Good quality sleep and a proper diet (the proper mix of foods and minimization of chemicals and processed foods) also have a direct effect on our health status.
For anyone to think taking a multivitamin product daily will protect us from any health concern without taking these other important factors into consideration is embarking on a fool’s journey.
We also have to look at the design of the study.  The product that was used has failed dissolution tests (did not dissolve when ingested) in the past, and the amounts of many of the nutrients are way below the recommended levels.  This makes me wonder if there was an agenda in the design of the study.
We need to start looking at our complete lifestyle and then look at nutritionally what would be beneficial to support our body’s health, and help prevent illness, not wait until we are sick and try to find the magic bullet.

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