Do you burp when you take Omega-3 fish oil?

Fats are labeled as essential or non-essential. Essential fats (EFA’s) must be consumed through diet or supplements because the body cannot synthesize them. Popular supplements that provide EFA’s come in the form of oils such as fish oils, flax oil, borage oil, krill, coconut and evening primrose oil.Many of us know the importance of Essential Fatty Acids in our diet; they provide energy to the body, maintain body temperature, insulate the nerves, enhance the immune system and protect body tissues. In order to accomplish these fundamental tasks, essential fatty acids must be absorbed and utilized by the body.EFA Optimize is formulated to assist with the assimilation of Essential Fatty Acids while reducing the common symptoms of poor EFA digestion. One capsule of EFA Optimize taken with your essential fatty acid supplements will help ensure that your EFA’s are doing their job.35_efa_optimize_lgclick here to see in-vitro lab rseults with EFA Optimizebuy now

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