Don’t shy away from talking about prostate problems

Prostate Awareness Month

September is prostate cancer awareness month, so now is a good time to learn about this gland, how it relates to our bodies, and how to know when things are going wrong.

Where Is The Prostate Located?

Located just below the bladder, the walnut-sized prostate is key to the production of semen. For many men, this gland ends up causing trouble at some point in their lives. The three most common problems are inflammation, enlarged prostate and cancer.

Prostate Inflammation

Inflammation typically occurs in younger or middle-age men. Prostatitis, as it’s called, is painful and is often caused by bacterial infection.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). prostate enlargement. Diagram of a normal prostate and Prostatitis

Englarged Prostate & Warning Signs

An enlarged prostate is most often a problem for middle-age and older men. The telltale signs of the condition include the need to frequently and urgently urinate and then to have trouble actually going.

Prostate cancer is always the most significant concern.  The good news here is that nowadays it’s not always deadly. Tumors can, however, spread, increasing the risk of complications and poorer outcomes. Making matters more complicated, screening for prostate cancer is controversial.

While there’s no one food or exercise proven to cut the risk of prostate problems, in general a lifestyle of regular exercise combined with a diet high in fruits and vegetables, low in saturated fats and meats, and of moderate total calories, can help reduce the risk of health problems such as cancers.

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