Dr. Bingham's Lecture

We are always excited to have guest speakers here at Johnson Compound & Wellness.  So we were thrilled when Dr. Bingham agreed to join us again for a lecture on ‘Holistic Approaches to Allergic Disease’.  Dr. Bingham currently practices that The Rothfeld Center in Waltham.  The lecture was very well attended and there was a great amount of positive feedback from his talk.

Click here to listen to the audio recording of the lecture.

He discussed how a holistic approach to allergies is beneficial and how it compares to the standard medical approach.  Types of allergic reactions, diagnosis of allergens, treatment approaches and case studies will be presented.  Specific  treatments including sublingual desensitization (SLIT) and Low Dose Antigen immunotherapy (LDA).
Thank you Dr. Bingham for collaborating with the team at Johnson Compounding & Wellness to bring the highest level of functional health and wellness to our loyal customers and patients.  We look forward to the next lecture.

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