Dr. Siegal's COOKIE DIET

Dr. Siegal’s® COOKIE DIET™ cookies are convenient, sensible snack foods that effectively curb hunger. They contain no drugs and are available without a prescription. You can enjoy them simply as a healthier alternative to other snacks, or you can use them to control your appetite as you follow a diet that your doctor directs and supervises. More than 500,000 people have used Dr. Siegal’s® COOKIE DIET™ foods to help them reach their goals during the past thirty-two years.Are Dr. Siegal’s cookies delicious? Are they magical? Do they perform miracles? No. They taste good but we wouldn’t call them delicious. Delicious cookies make people fat. As for magic and miracles… well… you probably know the answer.Dr. Siegal’s® COOKIE DIET™ foods were created in 1975 by Dr. Sanford Siegal to help patients of his Miami, Florida medical practice, Siegal Medical Group, control their hunger and stick to their diets. To this day, Dr. Siegal personally makes every batch of his secret hunger-controlling protein blend by hand in his own bakery.Early in his career, Dr. Siegal realized that hunger wrecks diets. He knew that if he could control his patients’ hunger he could help them stick to their diets and lose weight. Drawing on his chemistry background and passion for cooking, he discovered that combining certain food proteins called amino acids produces foods that offer unusual hunger control per calorie. He used his discovery to create his now-famous diet cookies.Over the years, more than 200 other doctors throughout the United States and Canada have also used Dr. Siegal’s foods in their practices.Dr. Siegal, his books, and his famous Dr. Siegal’s® COOKIE DIET™ have been featured in dozens of print, broadcast and online media including ABC’s Good Morning America, Fox News, CNN, Woman’s World, First for Women, Toronto Globe and Mail and The New York Post.Stop in or call 781-893-3870 to order your box. Only $62.00 per box (1 week supply).

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