Drink more…Water!

Get healthy skin: water helps moisturize your skin and is essential to maintaining elasticity and suppleness.  It also helps prevent dry skin
Here a just some of the many reason that water is so vital to everyday life!  So drink more H2O!

  • Get energized: most adults lose up to 10 cups of fluid a day (sweating, urinating, exhaling).  Stay hydrated and avoid headaches, irritability and fatigue.
  • Stay regular: water helps prevent constipation but adding fluid to the colon, making it easier to pass bowel movements.
  • Flush out toxins: by consuming water it helps to eliminate toxins in the body, which lessens the burden on the kidneys and liver.
  • Stay well: Water can help reduce a fever and replaces lost fluids.  Water allows nutrients and oxygen to travel to the cells and organs.
  • Help your body: drinking water keeps your joints and muscles fresh and strong.

We all need more water.  Try and consume half of your body weight (ie: 120lb person should drink 60 oz of water a day).



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