Drug Shortage Update: Armour Thyroid

When a product becomes commercially unavailable, it does not mean the end of the line for that specific product.  The same can be said for drug shortages of widely prescribed treatments such as Armour Thyroid.  Physicians and pharmacists alike are able to refer their patients to Johnson Compounding & Wellness Center for a specially tailored compounded preparation in order to ensure timely and efficient continuation of therapy.To date, only 60 pharmacies out of over 56,000 nationwide have PCAB_Accred_Sealsuccessfully completed PCAB accreditation, the industries’ gold standard.  In July 2009 Johnson Compounding & Wellness Center became one of only two PCAB accredited pharmacies in Massachusetts, and only the 3rd in all of New England.  Today, under the direction of award-winning owners and pharmacists Steve & Diane Bernardi, Johnson is leading the “personalized” movement in New England.  They have thousands of customers in the region and other parts of the U.S. that rely on them for hormone replacement therapy, pet medications and so much more.Please call 781-893-3870 or e-mail steve@naturalcompounder.com  for mor information.

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