Elim-A-Cand™- Full Spectrum Help For Candida

Candida Support

Elim-A- Cand™ is a newly formulate product for help with candida.  It helps address biofilms, candida, inflammation and irritation of the gut lining. Working with your health professional to determine the proper dossing and if other supportive measures would be helpful is important to minimize “die off” and discomfort with any Candida protocol.

Fungal overgrowth, including yeast, can appear throughout the body, and it is often associated with the intestinal tract. As with many antibiotics, some traditional antifungals are becoming less effective when relied on as a singular treatment plan. Many doctors are looking at other approaches, especially those that utilize multiple mechanisms of action to better support their patients’ needs. Elim-A-Cand™ is a targeted herbal tincture, supporting a healthy microbial balance through multiple mechanisms. Our product formulators saw that there was a need for a multi-ingredient product that incorporates the latest ingredient research and delivers the herbal tincture in a phospholipid delivery system for optimized absorption.

Microbial Support – the layering effect*

The body’s internal terrain is composed of millions of microbes; many have a positive influence on the body while others may adversely impact health. Maintaining a healthy microbial balance is essential for optimal health.

Doctors who prescribe prescription anti-microbials often find they are not always well tolerated or effective as a single approach. Many doctors find that nutritional support in the form of herbal microbial balancers may potentiate traditional antibiotic therapy. This “layering” strategy often provides the most comprehensive and synergistic outcomes versus a single therapeutic approach.

  • Balanced Organ Support – developed to promote healthy multi-organ support*
  • Peak Absorption – phospholipid delivery complex for maximum nutrient absorption
  • Superior Herbal Extraction Process – organic cane alcohol is the preferred extraction process for alkaloid containing roots & barks
Promotes lipid peroxidation of fungal membranes* Supports healthy biofilm disruption* Soothes gut
mucosal membranes*
Promotes healthy cytokine response*
Cinnamon x x x
Cloves x x x
Berberine x x x
Pau D’Arco x x
Marshmallow root x x
Stillingia x
Slippery elm x x
  • Proprietary Herbal Blend  |  350mg
    • Cinnamon verum (Cinnamon bark), Syzgium aromaticum (Clove bud), Althaea officinalis (Marshmallow root), Tabebuia impetiginosa (Pau D’Arco bark), Ulmus rubra (Slippery Elm bark), Berberine, Stillingia sylvatica
  • Vegan
  • GMO-free

What to Expect: Patient reaction to these advanced microbial balancers is similar to what one experiences when starting immune support protocols: some patients experience a “Herxheimer” reaction while others do not. However, a patient who reacts to antibiotics and/or other nutritional protocols should start slowly.

Suggested Use: As with any new nutritional supplement, you should start slowly. For best results, take away from meals and add to 1-3 ounces of water. If you experiences nausea,  dose the product 15-30 minutes after a light carbohydrate snack.

  • Days 1-3
    • 3-5 drops in 1-3 ounces of water in the morning and again in the evening
  • Days 4 & beyond
    • Increase 3-5 drops every other day, in both morning and evening doses
  • This would take 10-14 days to get to full dose of 40 drops in each the morning and the evening.
  • Another dosing strategy used by many doctors is to have patients work up to a double dose (80 – 90 drops twice per day).
  • Start by dosing every other day; consider swish in mouth and spit out to minimize absorption.

Based on reported physician experience, pediatric dosing with children 8 years and older:

start at 1-2 drops added to diluted apple or berry juice and work slowly up to 20-30 drops 2x/day over 2-3 weeks.

As each person’s body responds uniquely to any nutraceutical/pharmaceutical product, it is important to follow your healthcare professional’s dosing recommendations.


1. How far away from meals best for optimal absorption? 45 minutes before or 2 hours after eating.
2. How should this product be taken if one is also taking other herbal tinctures or homeopathics?
If you are taking other herbal tinctures, we recommend taking them in a different cup of water and wait 15 minutes between products.
3. Is it OK to take Elim-A-Cand™ & BLt™ & Crypto-Plus™ & Myc-P™ at the same time?
We recommend taking them in separate cups of water, with 15 minutes in between. However, if you are new to the products, it is best to use the first product for at least three days so that your body has time to adjust to it before adding the other product.
4. What type of alcohol is used for extraction of the nutritional constituents and is it gluten-free?
We use organic cane alcohol which is gluten-free.
5. Why do you use alcohol as the product base?
It is the most efficacious approach to pull the active constituents from the roots of the herbals. It also is easily absorbed into the stomach, bringing the herbal constituents with it during the absorption process.
6. Can I take my antibiotics at the same time as this microbial balancer? Many doctors have patients take them at the same time. If one is concerned, however, one could split them up and take at different times.
7. How many drops are in one half of a dropper? Approximately 40-45 drops.

8. Why is the color of my tincture different from my last bottle and what is the buildup on my dropper? Color variation and sediment is typical of herbal liquid extracts, and in no way compromises the quality of the product. Sediment often collects inside and around the dropper and shaking the bottle prior to use can help release some of the particles. The dark color is from the herbs in each product and can vary in color from a gold to green to a very dark brown or black.

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2 thoughts on “Elim-A-Cand™- Full Spectrum Help For Candida”

  1. I have been diagnosed several times in the past with Candida overgrowth in my esophagus and have been treated with prescription Antifungal medications. I am interested in trying Elima Cand as an alternative treatment since 8 am having symptoms again. Will this be as effective in ridding my body of the Candida overgrowth as the prescription meds?

    1. Hello Becky, Elim A Cand is a very effective product. One starts with one drop daily, slowly increases to one drop two times a day. Every few days increase by one drop it tolerated up to 5 drops two times a day.

      Since there are many reasons candida flourishes in the body, just killing it back does not lead to long term results. I suggest you work with a practitioner to look a bit deeper to see why you are getting recurrent candida, and work at removing the candida and changing the balance in the body so candida does not find it easy to multiply and cause recurrent infections.

      Elim A Cand will probably be helpful as part of your journey to be candida symptom free, but alone is not a solution.

      Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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