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Due to the popular demand, we now carry the Emily Skin Soothers eczema products. Now available online.Emily Skin Soothersfrom emilyskinsoothers.com:

from emilyskinsoothers.com:Our Emily was born in March 2006. She was perfect in every way. But, we noticed that her cheeks would get raised, red bumps on them. On occasion there were severe flare-ups and it would affect her neck and chin. She also would get dry red spots on her limbs. The pediatrician determined that she had baby eczema.Baby & Adult Skin SootherOur original creation, Baby and Adult Skin Soother was created for our daughter’s baby eczema. It was born of a father’s love and concern. It was created to soothe and beautify any type of dry and itchy skin condition.It is made of the bare, essential ingredients of the highest quality. We would not put anything scary on our Emily. We use olive oil, beeswax and three herbs: Angelica Sinensis root (Chinese name: Dang Gui), Potentillae Chinensis Herb (Bei Zi Cao), and Mentha Haplocalyx herb (Mint / Chinese name: Bo He). Our herbs are the highest quality and are from the highly respected Mayway company an American company that batch tests all of its herbs for contaminants, heavy-metals, and pesticides and does not use sulfur preservatives.We do not add anything unnecessary, so our products do not have colorants, added fragrance, preservative or any unpronounceable nasties. There are only five all natural ingredients. Nothing else. At all!If you have a dry skin condition we feel confident that we can help you. Numerous customers have reported being able to discontinue topical steroids after using our skin soother and soapSoapOur soap…. I love our soap. It is a very special and lovely soap. It has no added chemicals or fragrances, and is made with all natural ingredients. We made this soap to complement our original Emily Skin Soother. It was made with our daughter’s infant skin in mind.For people with dry skin conditions, soaps can be a huge factor. Most commercial soaps are TROUBLE. They smell and lather well, but they are full of harsh chemicals and fragrances which open your pores up and strip away your natural, protective oils, leaving you drier. Even soaps that are sold labeled for ‘sensitive skin’ or for ‘infants’ are often full of harsh chemicals, just in smaller amounts. That is why we had to make a healthy alternative.Our soap is made with rich and moistening ingredients that will not strip your protective oils or make your skin drier. It is made with:* Shea Butter* Avocado Oil* Coconut Oil* Olive Oil* Palm Oil* and the same 3 herbs as in our Skin SootherWe have not added any:* Artificial colors* Fragrances* Preservatives* Unpronounceable chemicalsIf you have dry skin you should use a natural soap with as few ingredients as possible. The more ingredients, the more your skin has to deal with and potentially react to. Read your labels to see how many unpronounceable ingredients are in most soap. Then, try our soap. We think you’ll find it leaves your skin clean, soft, and happy.As a concerned dad, I knew I had to do something. As an experienced acupuncturist and herbalist, I knew I could. I knew I did not want to put anything harsh on my baby’s skin. So, I created these products with no other intention than of helping my baby. They are creations born of a father’s love. With Emily’s infant skin in mind I used the bare minimum of ingredients. I used only high quality herbs that were sulfur and preservative free. I worked with herbal formulas that were tried and true, and hundreds of years old. I tested them on myself and my wife and simplified them. When I was sure they were safe and effective, we began to use them on our daughter. The results are the products we now offer to you.They worked so well on Emily that I began to use them on my patients and colleagues. First we just used them for the intended use, to soothe dry eczema. We got amazing feedback (see testimonials). Then we began to offer them to people for a wide variety of uses and were pleased to find that they were quite useful for a number of different presentations. Our patients and family and friends have told us that our Emily Baby and Adult Skin Soother has helped them with:* Dry-type Eczema* Flaking dry psoriasis* Cracked hands and cuticles* Dry cracked heels* Rosacea* Diaper rashAll of these skin issues have overlapping qualities. They all are types of dryness and heat in the skin. We do not claim to have a cure for eczema or psoriasis or anything else for that matter. But, we know from our daughter and our patients’ experiences that in most cases we can help soothe and beautify skin affected by these issues. We hope you’ll give us a try.

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