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Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah and the New Year – Americans have a lot on their plates-literally! Along with the seasonal indulgences of too much food and drink, comes the body’s natural pushback in the form of gastric distress.
Complete digestion of food, including absorption and utilization of nutrients, depends on a healthy digestive tract. Digestive enzymes play a major part in healthy digestive processes*. To promote healthy digestion of the foods we eat, look for a formula containing a full spectrum blend of all four key enzymes: Proteases to break down protein, amylases for starches and sugars, cellulase for fiber, and lipase for fats and lipids*.
Overeating and holiday stress make for a digestive double whammy, so it’s wise to seek out seasonal digestive support*. Here are some tips to help keep your digestion aligned during the holidays:

  • Take time to savor food and chew thoroughly. Eating more slowly can help you to better digest your food, and you may find that your stomach may feel “fuller” sooner, so you won’t eat as much*.
  • Get enough sleep at night, at least 8 hours a night.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Replace a cooked meal with a raw meal daily. Raw fruits and vegetables contain valuable enzymes that are lost when foods are heated by cooking.
  • Include a digestive enzyme containing a full spectrum blend of the four key enzymes with every meal.*
  • Maintain healthy flora in the intestines by taking a high quality probiotic*.
  • Reduce stress through daily exercise, yoga, and meditation; consider taking a relaxing walk after you eat to enhance digestion and support relaxation*.
  • Take the “Enzyme Deficiency Test” from Enzymedica- The Enzyme Experts, and initiate steps for healthy digestion throughout the year.

Click here to take the Enzyme Defficiency Test to see what enzyme blend is right for you.
All of us at Johnson Compouning and Wellness wish you and your family a happy and healthy Holiday season.

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