FDA takes a stand against bio-identical hormones

In a press conference, the FDA admitted that no adverse event involving compounded bio-identical estriol has ever been reported. Research involving 15,000 women funded by the Department of Defense and conducted at Kaiser-Permanente Oakland found that women who produced the most estriol during their first pregnancy had 58% less breast cancer over the next forty years.Every woman who has ever had a menstrual cycle or been pregnant knows that natural estriol is both safe and effective. Estriol is a major estrogen throughout a woman’s reproductive years, and soars to enormous levels (up to a thousand times) during pregnancy.How can bio-identical estriol, identical to every woman’s natural estriol, be unsafe or ineffective? And how can the FDA claim that a substance present in our bodies from the dawn of humanity is a “new and unapproved drug”? – from HOME Coalition http://homecoalition.org/

We here at Johnson Compounding and Wellness Center feel that patients have a right to customized medications.On June 3, over 300 compounding pharmacists marched on Capitol Hill to deliver this message in person. Our elected officials are listening and there are now bills in both the Senate and the House to insure you maintain your rights to access compounded prescriptions.Contact your government officials via this convenient form.HOME Coalition Ad

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