FDA Update: Homeopathy Well-Represented at FDA Regulatory Hearings

On Tuesday, April 21st,  I was at FDA headquarters in Maryland to testify at a two day hearing the FDA was holding titled: “Homeopathic Product Regulation: Evaluating the FDA’s Regulatory Framework after a Quarter-Century“.  The public, medical professionals and industry-related personnel were invited to apply to testify at the hearing.  The hearing was open to all, and the majority of the people who spoke at the hearing had positive statements about homeopathy, its’ safety and its use as an over-the-counter medicine.IMG_1101
What I found fascinating was the reports in the mainstream media during the first day of testimony focused on the dangers of homeopathy, and the FDA’s issues with homeopathy being available to the public.  A common theme in these news stories was that only advocates of homeopathy were testifying. This theme was not what was presented at the hearing and anyone was allowed to apply to testify.  This was not why FDA had the hearing. This goes to show that you cannot always rely on the mainstream news outlets to present a fair, unbiased view.
Here is a link to the FDA website where you can watch the two days of testimony, hear questions the FDA asked the speakers, and also see who was asked by the FDA to testify.  During the hearing, there was mention about a few products that were cited by the FDA for possible side effects or interactions.  The FDA explained that when the investigated these products, they found that they were labeled as homeopathic products, but were NOT homeopathic products.
Media reports have neglected to mention that they were mislabeled and were not homeopathic products after all.  Isn’t it strange that the story in the news and what actually went on at the hearing were so different? You now can see for yourself what really went on at the hearing.  By reviewing the testimony, you will understand that the homeopathic community and the FDA are working together to ensure that the public has adequate information available to make educated decisions.  Also addressed was a concern that the consumer may benefit from more information being on the OTC packages.
It was an honor to be asked to represent Johnson Compounding and Wellness and our customers at this hearing.  This experience renewed my faith that everyone can work together to make sure the public has available quality products to choose, and quality information to educate themselves.

5 thoughts on “FDA Update: Homeopathy Well-Represented at FDA Regulatory Hearings”

  1. Thank you for presenting your comment about the hearing! I watched most of the speakers who appeared to testify at the FDA hearing. To me, it was not negative with regard to homeopathy at all. The questioning by the panel members was the best way to allay doubts about the successful use of homeopathy in both the private practice setting as well as a safe integrative addition to allopathic medicine when either allopathic medicine is ineffective or when an adverse reaction to conventional treatment needs to be addressed (asthma in infants; chemotherapy). All parties concerned agreed that it is important that the labeling be updated. This; rather than the outright banning of homeopathy, was the main focus of the hearing.

  2. Thanks for testifying, and for the balanced reporting. It’s something we just don’t see in the mainstream media anymore. With the recent vote here in California on mandatory vaccines, it seems the corporate push extends far beyond the media.

    1. Thank you for your comments. We all need to get involved and keep an open mind. It is so important that the whole story is told so the public can hear what actually is going on.

  3. I am a bit concerned because of the incessant attacks against homeopathy we get here in the UK. I was worried these attacks were moving to America now and it is fairly well known that Pharma and the FDA are a revolving door! I am a homeopathic practitioner who runs the website shown in my reply. This commentary was from Health Sciences Institute which is pro-natural medicine.
    I think after what happened at the Science & Technology Committee’s Homeopathy Evidence Check in the UK and Australia’s NHMRC’s homeopathy report recently, it is no wonder some people are a bit wary! But great to get your positive feedback to balance the negative ones!

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