Fish Oil Update!

All fish oils are not created equal!  Here at JCWC we strive to have the best formulated products for you.

A Recent study compared triglyceride form fish oil, Ethyl Ester fish oil, Krill oil, and Salmon Oil. The study used 32 healthy subjects and had each person take one product at random for 28 days. They did a blood test, then gave a 4 week break taking no omega-3 products, and then did another blood test. Each subject then took a different omega-3 for 28 days and again did blood test. Subsequent to this, they were given another 4 week break before continuing on. In short, each subject took all 4 products and had blood tests throughout to determine absorption. This is important since each individual’s body is different and absorbs lipids at different rates. So, by conducting the study in this way it helped to obtain true facts on absorption rates for each individual.
Results were amazing and showed that Triglycerides form oils, especially like the ones we recommend (Nordic Naturals, Pharmax, Ortho Molecular and Natural Creations), came out as the winner in absorption. One would have to consume literally a whole bottle of Krill oil soft gels to have the same effect as mostof the Triglyceride forms.

This study validates that quality fish oil in Triglyceride form has been proven to be the most beneficial!

Stop in today and let us know if you have any questions or need a recommendation for a good, quality Fish oil!

*study overview prepared by Nutrasource Diagnostics, Inc. dated August 9, 2013.

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