Flu vaccine may not work well this year, CDC says

Last Thursday, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made a statement that the current flu vaccine is not well matched to the severe Type A flu strain that is spreading across the coldflucountry. Dr. Tom Frieden, the CDC director said that as many as half of the strains circulating had mutated and did not match the H3N2 strain present in the current vaccine.
Dr. DeMaria, an infectious disease expert said the new H3N2 strain would likely predominate because people have little immunity to it and will spread more easily than the other strains included in the vaccine, according to the Boston Globe article.
Click here to read the press release.
To help prevent colds and flu make sure you wash your hands often and properly.  Most of us do not wash properly, so it makes it easier to pick up viruses. Eating well, getting a good night’s sleep, taking a probiotic,  staying hydrated and keeping stress levels down will help the immune system.
Here are links to some popular products which have been used for years by the staff at Johnson Compounding and Wellness Center and our customers to help with symptoms of the flu.  Let’s keep you healthy during the cold/flu season.
Please feel free to contact us for suggestions on how to best prepare for the cold and flu season, and what you can do if you catch a cold or flu.

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