Food Sensitivity Testing with the LNT Coca Pulse Test

Neuro-Lingual Testing is an easy way to check for food sensitivities by utilizing the communication pathways between the mouth and the central nervous testing
Every taste of a food sends messages throughout the body, and if the body cannot tolerate the food well, the stress incurred will increase the pulse. The body will communicate through a quickened pulse if this food is not ideal for the person eating it.
Food Sensitivity Testing with the LNT Coca Pulse Test
The optimal time to do the test is when no food or drink has been ingested for at least 1-2 hours.  Make sure the person is relaxed – mentally, emotionally and physically.
Always take your pulse for one full minute… don’t take it for 30 seconds and multiply it by two.
While sitting, have the person being tested  take a deep breath and slowly exhale. They can take their pulse by counting how many times their heart beats in one exact minute. It may be easiest to feel the pulse by placing two fingers on the upper right side of the neck. Record this pulse rate.
Next, put a piece of the food in question in the mouth. It is okay to chew, but they should not swallow. Taste the food for at least 30 seconds. Then, take the pulse again for a full minute with the food in your mouth. Spit out the food and rinse your mouth with filtered water. If the pulse rate rises 6 or more points with a food, it indicates a stress reaction and that food should be avoided.
Food sensitivities can heal through diet and lifestyle changes, so it will be possible to re-test and reintroduce these foods after a period of healing.
Let the pulse return to the baseline before testing with a different food.
NOTE: If testing eggs, test the egg yolk and the egg white separately. Egg yolks are often better tolerated than egg whites.
Did you have any foods test as reactive?

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