Give Your Bones Complete Nutrition

Bone, like other tissues in the body, constantly renews itself. Throughout life, bone is continually resorbed and formed through the dynamic process of bone remodeling, which is necessary for the normal development and maintenance of bone mass.Bone resorption occurs when osteoclast cells remove minerals and collagen from bone. Bone formation follows when osteoblast cells use proteins and other building blocks to produce collagen, which attaches to calcium, phosphorus, and numerous other minerals resulting in the deposit of new bone tissue. Over a period of days and weeks, a natural crystallization process transforms the collagen and mineral rich tissue into the finished product hydroxyapatite crystals. This is the substance that makes bone so hard.It is easy to appreciate how microcrystalline hydroxyapatite concentrate (MCHC), which naturally comprises healthy bone, is complete bone nutrition. Feeding bone what it is made of make sense.Maximizing peak bone mass in the growing years, coupled with reducing the rate of age-related bone loss later in life are key to maintaining optimal bone mass throughout life. During the younger years, the remodeling process favors new bone formation, permitting a significant and critical increase in bone growth until peak bone mass is achieved between the ages of 20 and 30.Once peak bone mass is attained, remodeling is usually in balance until the fourth decade of life, subsequently, resorption is slightly favored, resulting in a small, continual loss of bone. As the age process continues, genetics, diet, health status, certain medications, and exercise influence how well bone mass is maintained.Cal Apatite Forte Capsules is a complete bone nutrition with Vitamin D formula. Three capsules per day provides MCHC Calcium, Magnesium, Trace Minerals, Mineral Complex, Type 1 collagen, Bone Amino Acids, Protein and certified free on contaminants.There is also a children’s chewable Cal Apatite formula.For the months of March and April, we are offering Cal Apatite Forte on sale. Buy one Get 2nd bottle 50% off.

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