Healthy Halloween Treats

Have you ever noticed that many kids get sick every fall? Could it be all those Halloween ‘treats’ your young goblins are gobbling? Let’s not be fooled. Sugar suppresses the immune system, providing great opportunity for your little ones (and for you, too) to get sick.
For parents, the significant amount of high-fructose corn syrup in most halloween sweets is alarming.  Fortunately, a variety of organic and vegan hard-candy options make it easy to find candy free of sugar and full of healthier ingredients.  Check out these healthier options:

  • mini Lara bars
  • mini bags of pretzels
  • organic popcorn
  • fruit only organic fruit snacks
  • Annie’s Organic Graham treats
  • Sun Drops (M&Ms without the dye)
  • organic lollipops
  • mini bottles of water
  • sugar-free chewing gum
  • tiny packages of dark chocolate kisses


We hope you and your little ones enjoy some healthy, fun treats this Halloween.

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