Healthy Leg Day at JCW

Do you suffer from tired, achy legs or varicose veins?  If so, visit Johnson’s Compounding and Wellness – for Customer Appreciation Day – on November 8th from 10-2.  Learn more about how you can improve your leg health just by changing the socks or hosiery you wear daily.  And receive discounts on all Sigvaris compression products!

At JCW, we carry products that can help provide relief. Sigvaris Graduated Compression garments help improve circulation and revive tired, achy legs.  They also help with the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and blood clots. Graduated compression socks and hosiery are great for those who stand or sit for a living, frequent travelers and moms-to-be. 


And for our athletes….Do you experience cramping and/or muscle soreness during or after working out or playing sports?  Werunner carry SIGVARIS SPORTS compression socks that can help alleviate your pain.  SIGVARIS SPORTS products are designed to peak your performance and speed up your recovery time. Weekend warriors and athletes alike will benefit from an entire line of sports compression products including the Performance Socks, the Performance Sleeves, Merino Outdoor Socks and the Athletic Recovery Socks. Come visit us at Johnson’s Compounding and Wellness and view the line and receive a discounted price!

Rebecca from Sigvaris will be here November 8th from 10-2 to fit you for socks/stockings and answer any questions you may have.  Don’t miss out!

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