Help For the Common Cold and Flu

Host Defense (capsules or drops) has been shown to increase human Natural Killer (NK) Cell activity by up to 300%. The immune-enhancing power of Host Defense comes from two sources: the unsurpassed quality of the MycoMedicinal mushrooms, and the proprietary combination of species.

Each of the mushroom species has, on its own, an ability to support human immune functioning, but the combination of these 15 mushroom sources creates synergies, waves of reinforcement that bathe us in immune support. 

Life Shield Throat Spray offers immune enhancement for the upper respiratory system, help when exposed to crowds, traveling, at home or in the office. Use it when ever you are exposed to viruses. 

Testing of the efficacy of these products was done by USAMRIID, NIH, USAID BioShild BioDefense program and rated these mixes of mushrooms as effective against Influenza, Smallpox, West Nile and the many other common viruses.

Many customers have used these products and have had great results!

Host Defense caps and drops and LifeShield Throat Spray are all 25% off.

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