High Dose Biotin

Johnson Compounding & Wellness is proud to be the first to offer over the counter high dose biotin. Over the last year we have educated the public on high dose biotin and currently have thousands of patients on the supplement.

Natural Creations High Dose Biotin is manufactured in the USA and shipped for free throughout the United States. Each bottle contains 90 (100mg) gel capsules. The gel capsule is a clear titanium-dioxide free capsule and contains pharmaceutical grade D-biotin, with a rice flour filler.
The price per single bottle is $59.95 or you can buy our bundle which comes with 4 bottles of high dose biotin and a freebie that changes every month for $200.
We have 10 pharmacists on staff to answer any of your high dose biotin needs.

7 thoughts on “High Dose Biotin”

  1. Deborah Benson

    Hi I am wanting to purchase the offer of a pack of 4 biotin but when I opt for 4 it also adds to the basket 1 extra . I just want the 4 offer of £200 and when I check will it transfer from dollars to pounds automatically and also how long does it take for delivery. I have MS and I was hoping to do the trial but it’s seems to be later to start each month and I’ve had ms for 20 years and it’s progressing faster now I’m in secondary and I need to try something that might improve my ms

    1. Hello Carl,
      Sorry for the delay. With the product, you need to make sure it is a pure formulation, no additives etc. I am not familiar with this manufacture.
      I hope this is helpful.

  2. Hi
    I would like to buy the four pack of high dose biotin, as I have MS since 1994 and my neurologist has recommended it. The trial results are very exciting. Is your product available in South Africa? I have friends with MS patients who are interested in the product too.
    Kindly advise how I/we can purchase this product.

    1. Hello Kathy,
      We can ship to South Africa. If you provide me with the address I can quote you the shipping cost. We do not know the situation in your customs department. There may be delays or some times a product is not allowed into the country. You may want to check with your customs department to make sure they allow Biotin in.
      Once shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number. We can not be responsible for delays or refusals by customs. We will provide you with ship date, tracking number, and we are not responsible for any delays or refusals at customs in South Africa.
      I hope this info is helpful. Let me know if you have any questions.
      I hope you feel better,

      1. Thank you Gary. This is fantastic news.
        I will contact you as soon as I get information regarding customs.

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