HLC Probiotic Straws-an easy way to give probiotics to kids!

Many of us take Probiotics (healthy bacteria) and try to give them to our children to support their health also. The problem many parents run into Probiotic Strawsis that kids can be very finicky. When you mix the probiotic in food or liquids, many children will know that something is in there and refuse to take the probiotic.HLC Probiotic Straws were designed to alleviate this problem. They come individually wrapped, and look like the straws used in juice boxes.Each straw contains 1 billion Lactobacillus acidophilus on the inside lining of the straw. The probiotic bacteria are mobilized and ingested as the liquid passes through the straw into the mouth.This product is a novel approach to delivering Probiotics to children and can be used with any cool drink. They can even be added to the children’s lunch boxes.We now stock HLC Probiotic Straws. 60 straws/package is only $39.95

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