Holiday Health Tips

Here are a few helpful tips to prevent you from packing on those unwanted pounds this holiday season:


Before you attend that Holiday Party/Event:

  • Try not to save up your calories.  You will probably become more ravenous and be likely to overindulge.
  • Try to snack lightly before the party.  Try a salad or some soup…this may help you to pass up on more food at the party.
  • Eat a high fiber breakfast; this will keep you feeling full and satisfied longer.  Try some oatmeal or whole grain cereal.

While are the Party:

  • Try and prepare for your food choices at a buffet by surveying the food to determine your decision.
  • Choose high protein foods, vegetables and lay off the starches.
  • Only choose the foods you really want, forget about trying to load up your plate with every dish!
  • If you do indulge in some of your favorite foods, take smaller portions.
  • Try and socialize more with friends/relatives.  This may be a good way to keep you away from the food.
  • Try and enjoy your meal.  Sit down, take your time eating and let your food digest.

And try to limit your alcohol consumption.  A glass of wine/beer is great, but there are many empty calories in alcoholic beverages – not to mention if you don’t eat while consuming…you’re likely to make some poor choices when at the buffet table.
And if you can, try and sneak out for a nice walk or hike!  Get that exercise in when you can so you won’t feel as guilty after your big meal!

Happy and Healthy Holidays!


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