Homeopathy: A More Effective Way to Practice Pharmacy

The Importance of Homeopathy as a Pharmacist & Parent

Homeopathy is a large part of my practice as an independent pharmacist and as a parent. After graduating pharmacy school, I realized that over-the-counter medications were not addressing

many of my customers’ needs. Infants and children, pregnant women, men with prostate issues, and people on blood pressure medicine were looking for help for many concerns, including colds and flu, allergies, sinus congestion, and indigestion. There were not any products available over the counter that I could safely suggest to them.

A Deeper Look Into Homepathy

Having children and wanting to help them when they had an acute problem, not mask it with pharmaceuticals, led me to look deeper into homeopathy, and it changed my practice of pharmacy and how we approach acute issues at home.

Additionally, about 10 years ago, many children’s cough and cold products were removed from the market due to being ineffective or inappropriate for children and infants. This caused a lot of confusion for parents as to what they could give their child when they had a cold.

Recognizing The Need For Readily Available Homeopathic Products

Thinking back over my younger years, I remember homeopathic products being readily available in pharmacies going back to the 1960s, when Humphreys products were a staple. When I entered pharmacy school, in our history of medicine lecture, we were told that homeopathy was used before we had pharmaceutical medicine, so we didn’t need to use homeopathic med- icines anymore. This statement made me look further into homeopathy, so I met with a few homeopaths in my area to learn more.

When I graduated, I decreased my selection of typical over-the-counter medicine and expanded my selection of homeopathic medicines in the corner pharmacy I owned back in the 1980s.

Trust The Wellness Experts

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this article was originally published in the National Center for Homeopathy’s magazine, Homeopthy Today, Volume 39, Number 4, Gary Kracoff, Homeopathy: A more Effective Way to Practice Pharmacy, pg.6,  Winter 2019-2020.

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