Hydration: A New Paradigm

A common denominator in all living things is the need for water.  Building the molecules of life is only possible when their components are dissolved in water.  Adequate water intake and utilization is indispensable to all microorganisms, plants and animals.  The human body is composed of 25% solid matter and 75 percent water.  Water is essential to life, and is key to the rate of aging, immunity, and all biochemical processes that occur in biological systems; especially the brain which consists of about 85 percent water.  Water makes life possible because it has unique physical and chemical properties.
Most people are unaware of what happens to the body if it is not adequately hydrated.  Whole metabolic systems are disturbed by dehydration.  Dr. Batmanghelidj, a medical researcher has discovered a new paradigm regarding the function, and role of water in human biochemistry.  He believes the water (solvent content) of the body governs the activity of all the solutes of the body.
He states “Water regulates all the functions of the body, including the activity of all the solutes that are dissolved in it.  The bonds that hold hydrogen and oxygen atoms together permit water to be fluid at the environmental temperatures compatible with life.  Water forms the aqueous medium that delivers nutrients to the cells, dissolves and dilutes poisonous wastes and removes them from the cells.”  Long term health can only be achieved through efficient hydration.
Some signs of dehydration:

  • water retention, where bloating or abdominal discomfort occurs after drinking
  • ongoing dry mouth or difficulty forming saliva
  • disinclination to drink water because of the taste, sometimes unwillingness to drink water preferring coffee, tea and fruit drinks
  • insatiable thirst
  • craving and eating sweets followed by drinking of fluids
  • loss of elasticity of skin

If you drink water, is that enough to keep you hydrated?
Not necessarily.  It is not how much water you take into your mouth, but how much you can uptake through the small intestine mucous membrane and into the body.
Water uptake is relative to the thyroid gland and where this may be out of balance.  Thyroid indications (fatigue, poor digestion, depression, joint problems, constipation, water retention, aging skin, muscle fatigue and anxiety) may be experienced.  Pending thyroid improvements, a reasonable solution is to provide “transport” for absorption of water through the intestines.
What is meant by a “transporter” of water?
Doctors at the Royal Children’s’ Hospital in Australia showed that if a “sugar/trace mineral/clean water “solution was given to children suffering indications of dehydration, it increased the rate of uptake of water into the body by up to twenty four times.  The use of a simple sugar/mineral transporter added to water to correct dehydration has been described by the British medical journal “Lancet”(1978) as potentially the most important medical advance this century ”.
What then is the answer to dehydration?
The key to rehydration is to provide a “transporter.”  Such a transporter is a high-water content, sub-acid fruit juice(apple, pear, lemonade, watermelon) adding 30% juice to 70% mineral/spring water can improve uptake.  An excellent transporter for women is caffeine in diluted amounts, and for men, dandelion herb teas.  The product Hydrate contains the precise amount of dandelion and caffeine to achieve the transporter effect.
Many people who crave caffeine containing beverages are actually using those beverages and foods to achieve rehydration.  In most cases however, the effect is only temporary.  It is also important to realize that caffeine and coffee are not the same thing.  Caffeine is an alkaloid substance that is extracted from plants such as Kola.  It is present in coffee but need not be indicted along with coffee simply because it is contained in it.
What are the advantages of using Hydrate?
Dr. Harris, a Biomedical Researcher, and consultant has developed a strategy for hydration, and a hydrating compound.  Hydrate
was developed to affect water uptake for initial hydration, but also to address ‘sleepers” in the body.  In simple terms, a “sleeper” is described as a vital nutrient-most commonly a mineral or amino acid which exists in a state of suspended activity; or hibernation.  That is to say, it is physically present but functionally inactive.  As long as a “sleeper” nutrient remains inactive, it may give rise to symptoms that are the same as if there was a deficiency in that nutrient.  The answer is not to supply the nutrient, but to activate it.  Those apparent deficiency symptoms can go into remission-sometimes within minutes-when the “sleeper” is awakened.
As such, the advantage of Hydrate is that it  not only increases the uptake and utilization of water, but has added components which can reinstate the electrical integrity of minerals and amino acids which may have become dormant in the body(similar to the activity given by water in a car battery).
(Hydrate II is the same basic formulation as Hydrate with additional ingredients to aid with cell permeability in those over age 40).

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