Instant Dissolve Micro tablets for greater absorbtion

Instant Dissolve Micro tablets may be small, but they are full potency! Their concentrated properties are distinguished by their very high ration of active ingredients to inactive binders and fillers. This high level of active ingredients when combined with the unique manufacturing process of hydration and drying, bonds the nutrients and allows the Micro tablet to facilitate the transit of nutritional compounds instantly into the body when placed under the tongue.We now carry:Methylcobalamin B-12 1000mcg sl.micro dots $12.99/60Methylcobalamin B-12 5000mcg sl. micro dots $29.95/60Methycobalamine B-12 (1000mcg), B-6 (2mg), Folic Acid (800mcg) sl. micro dots $14.99/60Biotin 5000mcg sl. micro dots $14.99/100Melatonin 1 mg. sl. micro dots $5.99/100Melatonin 3 mg sl. micro dots $6.99/1005-HTP 50mg sl. micro dots $19.99/60

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