Integrative Therapeutics Lecture

The Nashua Country Club was the venue for April 20th’s speaker program, jointly sponsored by Integrative Therapeutics and Boston Heart, with access to this venue sponsored by Dr. Margarita Ochoa-Maya of Advanced Health and Wellbeing.

Dr. Kathleen O’Neil-Smith, MD of Treat Wellness in Newton, MA gave a comprehensive overview of cardiovascular testing with Boston Heart.  This testing provides information leading to the identification and subsequent treatment of any number of conditions and disease states.
Dr. O'Neil-Smith


Integrative Therapeutics’ Director of Clinical Affairs, Corey Schuler, MS, DC, CNS, presented “Advances in SIBO and Intestinal Permeability.”  This talk was based on the fact that so much of an individual’s health is based on their gastrointestinal health.
The program was well attended, with about 30 medical professionals who all have an interest in functional medicine.
Dr Ochao-Maya and Corey Schuler

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